Service Areas

McBade Engineers and Consultants, LLC is a small woman owned civil engineering planning, design and consulting firm located in Youngsville, Louisiana providing civil engineering modeling, planning, design, permitting and construction phase services to local municipalities as well as state and federal agencies.
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McBade Service Areas




Development of master plans, drainage plans, infrastructure plans, financial plans for capital improvements as well as assist clients in the planning of capital improvement projects and maintenance and operations to address current problems as well as future growth.


Development of hydrologic and hydraulic models, sewer and water models for the planning and management of infrastructure assets in communities.



Design of civil, water, wastewater, drainage, large civil works, coastal and transportation projects and the preparation of design calculations, documentation and construction documents.

Staff Augmentation

Serve as an extension of staff for clients which include permit and plans review, planning and inspection.

Senior Technical Advisor/Reviewer

Provide senior technical advice, review of drawings, plans, models and permits for completeness and accuracy.


Preparation of permits for construction as well as the coordination with the agencies to obtain the permits for construction.


NEPA Compliance

Development of environmental documentation for the construction of projects and the preparation of NEPA documents.